Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ending Out Another Year 2011

How fast does time actually go? One day can drag by or fly by but a year just zooms through. I cannot believe that I was 64 when LaJuanah and I started on this venture and here we are almost 5 years later staring into another time zone. 2012...........How can it already be here. God has shown me so much in these past 4 and a half years. After 64 years of looking at something one way and building on that particular pyramid I look now and see where I spent too much time building on one thing. And it wasnt just Jesus. It was on an idea, a man made idea of plans and rules and regulations that just boomeranged into a lifestyle that was not fulfilling or encouraging. It just sort of drug you along until one day you realize you dont know who you are, just the man that the people in this organization have made you into believing you are a certain person who thinks a certain way.

I now see some of those men living a secret life trying to fill in the gaps that a normal life would never allow them to have if they stayed in the group. I saw the light, within 24 hours resigned set myself apart from what I now know was wrong. I was scorned, pushed aside, ignored, critized and discarded after 64 years of serving. I now realize God had to totally set me apart from everyone that was in my past and connected to this one religion so that He could show me the Truth. If one person had remained with me and sympathized or pitied me I would have leaned on that person instead of God.

I am now free to search , seek, listen, read, visit or communicate with others and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit I could walk in the ways of the true Saviour, my Lord Jesus Christ. He does not live in a box. He forgives, He loves, He guides, He protects.

Time is short for me now, I am growing older so I must get to the task that has been put before me. Share with everyone that God puts before me to trust Him. Dare to dream big, you cannot out dream God. You cannot live a lie and expect God to bless you. He may leave you to your own for some years but I can promise you the day will come that you will be separated from everyone except HIM and Him alone will you hear.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, if you thought you were going to get a great revelation I apologize. I think about this a lot, wondering WHY? About the only conclusion I can come up with is if God is involved we don't always have a PAT answer. In fact most times NOT!


We can look at others and see the things that they have gone through and wondered how did they do that? Anyone that knows Jesus as their Saviour knows that we do all things because of the GRACE of GOD.! He is our strength.


But WHY does GOD allow such painful,hurtful things to happen, even to His children? I can only tell you what I think, which is worth about zero cents in spiritual money.


When we are driving down the highway and we come across a wreck, we automatically slow down, knowing we too were driving too fast. When someone gets lung cancer we start thinking about how long we smoked and should we stop, or someone loses a child and we start really paying closer attention to our own children, or we see someones son becoming an alcoholic or daughter becoming a drug addict...........I could go on and on. After each one of these instances cross our lives we take action usually immediately, but as human beings we eventually forget the seriousness of the deed and go back to our old ways of doing and thinking.


There are a lot of us that are not motivated enough to stay focused to do what God instructed us to do on a daily basis. Be fishers of men, go out into the world and feed my sheep, turn the other cheek, give your last coat to someone who has none, FORGIVE, LOVE and Jesus goes on and on in HIS WORD.


If our world is not rocked.........we tend to stay where we are, content in our little world, minding our own business and hoping no one intrudes.


That my friend is why I think God allows things to happen to people. We have such short attention spans we need constantly reminding that there are people out there that need us, but most of all need Jesus. Get up off your whatever and look around, everyone in your family maybe just hunky dorey right now and Praise God if that is the case. More reason to find a way to be a blessing to someone else. But if you have gone through a tragedy or maybe witnessing a life that is being destroyed by outside sources or substances, find a way to help. Ask God and He will point you to a place that needs many people like you that want to help others find Jesus and peace.


I am reminded that I need to get off my royals and find the place God has for me to be a servant to others. I know God will show me and I pray He will show you also. God is good, He just loves us so much He is willing to let us help HIM touch others. God Bless you and yours,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heavenly Home....the way we see it maybe.

Thank you Judy Oliver for doing these pictures of Susanne for me. I can't believe you even had a picture of her. I will always love these pictures and have shared them with with everyone in the family. We were very limited to the pictures we had of her anyway because of the fire back in 1989 I think. Posted by Picasa


Thank you Judy Oliver for this beautiful picture of Susanne. I love
you for it always.
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Friday, June 19, 2009

We All Need A Motivator............

God is so very good. Just when you think He has done
all He is going to do in a certain situation He shows you He is never finished while we are on this earth. I have just been so enlightened with the people He has brought back into my life these past few days. I know all of you have heard of "Facebook". I have been on it for a few months just sort of playing around and getting back in touch with some friends. I had the most wonderful surprise when one day a precious friend of Susanne's contacted me and asked me to be her friend. Lynn Hathorn, then Eddie McQueen and then Jason Harper. It has brought me back to some very good memories that I thought were gone. The kids have grown up into fine beautiful adults and God has let me know they still remember my little Susanne. If some of you may remember I began this blog in hopes of remembering more about Susanne since it seems that I was very limited to the few memories I had.
It has been 28 years since Susanne went to be with Jesus and today has been a very special day indeed. God used these precious kids to motivate me once again and it has been great. It has been so special to go back in time and remember the good times. So let me say "Thank you Lynn, Eddie and Jason". Just to be remembered is a really good thing. God Bless each one of you and your families.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tennessee in May 2009

Kenny trying to water a plant.
Jason is comforting Bunnie.....

Jason is comforting Kim

Ryley and Josie

Brody telling me the time by his new watch

Whitney, Brody and Bun trying out the new hammock

Jason popping popcorn....not easy

Wayne and Jason relaxing

Tori, Ken, Brody and Bun on their way to church

Josie, Brody, Ryley, Tori and Kim way down on the end

Saying farewell to Whitney as she heads to Kanakuk

All in all it was a very full 10 days in Tennessee this trip. We got to see everyone before they all started going their separate ways. We were able to go to the airport to see Whitney off, go to revival at Calvary 4 nights which was awesome. Help Kenny throw his girlfriend a birthday party , Sweet 16, cook a big pot of seafood gumbo, chicken etouffee, spaghetti and even ate out a time or two. All in all it was a great visit and the weather was wonderful, it got down to 32 one night which is what Wayne always looks forward to. ha ha.......